At 2011 Valkyria started performing, first soloburlesque, and soon after with a troupe that she was the founder of. But at the end of 2015 she quit the group and started a new path and with another woman, a company with a wider orientation, mostly in nightclub eventbuilding. 2018 she did anaother change, and went back to a more burlesque oriented path, but with the skills she had been doing before her burlesque career and also during the time with the nightclubs, building living props and horror acting. Workning as a freelance builder and performer mostly with her props, she now do a wide range, including stage props, burlesque, horror (as in Gröna Lunds famous House of Nightmares, or as Xenomorph from the Alien movies, most popular in the 80s), strolling tables, fire performances, mermaiding and similar.

Valkyria have performed all over Sweden and also 
across europe, both as an solo-artist and with the group. 
She has taken courses for, among others: 
Duchesse Dubois, the world famous Cleo Viper, Indigo Blue,
Mr Pustra, Minnie Tonka and La Viola Vixen. And learned from the biggest attributemakers.

For most she dont make two similar buildings. But fokus is on make it right the first time, and learn every time.


















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